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1. Editorial Services
(Content Services/Editorial)
Every website needs a review of its content at least 3 to 4 times a year.  Even if the content has not changed, the current information available about what your market may have changed since the last ...
2. Monthly Maintenance
(FAQs/Website Maintenance)
When you have a website whether it is for your business or personal use, regular monthly maintenance is required to keep your website secure and safe for your website visitors.  Many times you don't have ...
3. Backup Planning
(News/Website Tips)
... so you if you do have to rely on a backup of your website, you will not have that much content (if any) to restore if needed.  Many times you will be too busy running your business to have the time to ...
4. Where Do I Start?
(Website Services/Website Marketing Services)
... more hesitant to spend their hard earned money. If you are having to spend more time retaining your current customer base, you certainly will not have the time it takes to maintain your business website, ...
5. Social Media Service Plans
(Website Services/Social Media Services)
... skills to represent your business in the social media world?  Does someone have the necessary time in their work schedule to "fit in" the required weekly time to keep your business involved in it's own ...
6. Software Updating
(Technical Services/Software Services)
  Now that you have a website, part of the daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance of the website will be taking care of the software updating.  If you don't feel you have the time or knowledge to ...
7. Do you have an Idea?
    Sometimes timing is everything.  Especially on the internet. Do you ever say "I wish I had a website"?  Now with the help of On The Mark Design, you can get you idea on the internet in a timely ...
8. PhpBB Forum Software
(Website Design Services/Software Setup)
... Forum created at the same time, we can do it for you. Giving your website visitors a place to give your business feedback about its services/products is a vital component of any business that wants to ...
9. Demo Websites
On The Mark Design has several "Demo" Websites available in our Portfolio section.  Those "Demo" Websites will vary from "time to time", and may not necessarily be available to the "general public".  ...
10. Content is King
(News/Website Tips)
... content for your business website, how will you be able to find the time outside of what time is required to run your own business.  ...
11. Software Service Plans
(Technical Services/Software Services)
... to keep the software up to date.  But who really has the time to keep track of their software, and be able to do the updates without it taking time away from your main business. On The Mark Design can ...
12. Your Website
... be time to have a website that better suits your current business environment.  ...
13. Welcome to On The Mark Design
(Uncategorised Content)
... Joomla! Security Audits.  You can purchase a "one time" audit, a month to month plan, or up to an ongoing security audit for your website.    ...

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