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1. Editorial Services
(Content Services/Editorial)
Every website needs a review of its content at least 3 to 4 times a year.  Even if the content has not changed, the current information available about what your market may have changed since the last ...
2. Monthly Maintenance
(FAQs/Website Maintenance)
... the time nor the technical knowledge to keep your website "up to date". In order to guarantee that your website will be available to your potential (and current) customers, it is vital that you keep ...
3. Backup Planning
(News/Website Tips)
... take of the necessary maintenance of your website.  Why risk your business with a website that is unsafe and not secure due to lack of keeping the software current.    ...
4. Where Do I Start?
(Website Services/Website Marketing Services)
... more hesitant to spend their hard earned money. If you are having to spend more time retaining your current customer base, you certainly will not have the time it takes to maintain your business website, ...
5. Software Updating
(Technical Services/Software Services)
... keep up with it, On The Mark Design offers the service of keeping your software updated!  If you do not keep your website software current, you are exposing your business and your customers to possible ...
6. In The Works
(News/In The Works)
As September 24, 2011: On The Mark Design currently has a variety of Projects "In The Works": Upcoming Fall 2011 Projects: New website for Season Ticket Owners which will provide a venue where ...
7. Joomla Template Developer
As of October 18, 2012:   On The Mark Design is currently seeking a Joomla Template Developer.  Experience with PhP, MySQL, and Apache are a must. Experience with Drupal, Elgg, Concrete 5, and ...
8. Junior Website Developer
As of: October 18, 2012: On The Mark Design currently has an opening for a Junior Website Developer. If you do not have all the skills listed, but feel that your resume is worth consideration, please ...
9. Owner
(Company/The Team)
Mark W. Bender   Mr. Bender is the Principal of On The Mark Design.  He currently leads the Website Development Team along with the Creative Content Staff. Depending upon the current ...
10. PhpBB Forum Software
(Website Design Services/Software Setup)
PhpBB Forum software is one of the more popular Open Source Forum software available currently. Whether you need just a Forum only, a Forum added to your existing Website, or having a Website and ...
11. Website Design Service Plans
(Website Services/Website Design Services)
... with the necessary info for your website, the better your website will be able to reach your "target market". Your website must be considered an "extension" of your current business, therefore everything ...
12. Your Website
... be time to have a website that better suits your current business environment.  ...
13. oGoing
(Uncategorised Content)
On The Mark Design specializes in Joomla! an Open Source Content Management System (CMS). If you need help with the Administration, Content Management, or you need a webmaster for your current Joomla! ...
14. Welcome to On The Mark Design
(Uncategorised Content)
... can assist you with your business website. In the current economy, every business must consider every dollar spent when compared to the benefits received.  With the availability of Open Source software ...

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