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1. Editorial Services
(Content Services/Editorial)
Every website needs a review of its content at least 3 to 4 times a year.  Even if the content has not changed, the current information available about what your market may have changed since the last ...
2. Keep Your Website Secure
(News/Website Tips)
... keeping all of the software that drives your website up to date.  If you do not keep your website up to date, you risk having problems will your customers being able to trust your website and company. ...
3. Monthly Maintenance
(FAQs/Website Maintenance)
... the time nor the technical knowledge to keep your website "up to date". In order to guarantee that your website will be available to your potential (and current) customers, it is vital that you keep ...
4. Where Do I Start?
(Website Services/Website Marketing Services)
... skills to the internet, you will not be able to fully realize the true potential of your business website.  ...
5. How to Reach Us
... are with your request, the better we will be able to answer your request. Someone will be back to you after your request is sent.  ...
6. Social Media Service Plans
(Website Services/Social Media Services)
  Once you have your business website up and running, who on your team will be able to manage your companies social media on the internet.  Does someone on your company staff already have the necessary ...
7. PhpBB Forum Software
(Website Design Services/Software Available)
PhpBB is one of the more popluar Open Source Forum Software programs available.  It is easy to tailor to your business and website needs. You also can offer the ability for your website users to be ...
8. Custom Error Page
(Website Design Services/Design Services)
... your website, the customer needs to be able to "find their way" back to your website to hopefully reach their intended destination.    ...
9. Joomla Template Developer
... other Open Source CMS's are valuable. Experience with building Joomla! Templates from scratch a plus. Many of our clients website projects require a one of kind template build specifically for that ...
10. Joomla!
(Website Design Services/Software Setup)
  Joomla! is one of the leading Content Management Systems (CMS) available to someone who wants to have a website.  The setup of your Joomla! based website will include software uploading to your ...
11. PhpBB Forum Software
(Website Design Services/Software Setup)
PhpBB Forum software is one of the more popular Open Source Forum software available currently. Whether you need just a Forum only, a Forum added to your existing Website, or having a Website and ...
12. Where do I Begin?
(Website Design Services/Design Services)
By now reading this article, you are already on the path to getting your new website.  Your website is an extension of your physical "brick and mortar" business.  It is also available to your potential ...
13. Complete Software Available
(Website Design Services/Software Available)
Here you will find a list of of the software available to add to your website.  What actual software that you have on your website depends upon what you are trying to accomplish with your website. 1. ...
14. Demo Websites
On The Mark Design has several "Demo" Websites available in our Portfolio section.  Those "Demo" Websites will vary from "time to time", and may not necessarily be available to the "general public".  ...
15. Content is King
(News/Website Tips)
Now that you have a great website, how do you decide what is going to be written for it?  How much content on each page? Even with great content, you need to be able to have the traffic directed to ...
16. Regular Maintenance
... maintenance plans available.  ...
17. Economy Package Details
(Website Design Services/Economy Plan)
... or you can host on our server. Template selection consultation with client. No Customization of Template is included in this plan. Template Customization is available at an additional project ...
18. Software Service Plans
(Technical Services/Software Services)
... to keep the software up to date.  But who really has the time to keep track of their software, and be able to do the updates without it taking time away from your main business. On The Mark Design can ...
19. Hardware Service Plans
(Technical Services/Hardware Services)
Here you will find info about Hardware Service Plans available for On The Mark Design clients: Whether you have just one computer at the office or even a large network at your business, you will ...
20. Website Design Service Plans
(Website Services/Website Design Services)
... with the necessary info for your website, the better your website will be able to reach your "target market". Your website must be considered an "extension" of your current business, therefore everything ...
21. Website Back End Maintenance Plans
(Website Services/Website Back End Maintenance)
... of that effort will have to do with the Back End Maintenance of your website.  Software is constantly being updated, and with each update your website needs to be kept up to date! Various plans are available ...
22. Website Front End Maintenance Plans
(Website Services/Website Front End Maintenance)
... can help you out with the task of keeping your website up to date. Maintenance plans are available on a daily, weekly, monthly, and as needed basis.  If you would like to guarantee that your website is ...
23. Page Error
(Uncategorised Content)
A Page Error Has Occurred! You may not be able to visit the previous page because of: an out-of-date bookmark/favorite a search engine that has an out-of-date listing for this ...
24. Welcome to On The Mark Design
(Uncategorised Content)
... get their own website, and then where does that put you?  You are now at a disadvantage.  If you tap into the resources that a website will provide your business, you will be able to maximize your business ...

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